About the Project

The REMAP project aims to better understand how tobacco companies market cigarettes in four Latin America countries (Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru). Our focus is on flavour cigarettes, which are very popular in these countries, and how they are marketed in shops and via cigarette packs and sticks. We are also interested in the impact that this tobacco marketing has on smoking attitudes, intentions and behaviours among adolescents, and their response to ‘dissuasive’ cigarettes, which are cigarettes designed to be less appealing. Click here to learn more about REMAP.

What the website offers

The website provides a searchable database of tobacco packs in the four countries (PACK SEARCH). It also includes photos of cigarette sticks (CIGARETTE STICKS) and showing how tobacco products are sold by vendors (RETAIL). The website includes some special collections of cigarette packs or sticks (SPECIAL COLLECTIONS). Finally, it provides more details on the project, meetings and outputs (ABOUT).

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